Stop looking for the church!

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Spirituality, Universe

If you are constantly looking for your purpose, this one is for you.

If you are always on the hunt for that perfect place that would allow you to feel like everything was meant-to-be, this one is for you.

This one is for me as well, maybe most of all for me.

Purpose hunters

We are the purpose hunters.

We prowl and search for perfection, and anything that comes short of it feels like a waste of time. We turn every stone and peek around every corner to find that one place, that one thing that would fulfill the yearning. Because without it, what’s the point?

I recently wrote about a limiting belief I had, namely whether anyone was able to fulfill their higher purpose in a corporate job. Because let’s face it, the corporate world feels just about as far away as possible from a place where people go to fulfill their purpose! It rather feels like a place where people gather who have no clue where else to go.

Or that’s what I always thought.

After writing the article I was reflecting about it in my journal. While I was writing, I received another thought, something which felt like a “download.”

Maybe some of you know how this feels. It feels like an answer, a wise and complete knowing to your most burning questions. It is a moment that fills you with wisdom you didn’t know you had. It comes not from within, but from above, and you cannot take credit for it because it feels like it’s not yours. It just came through you.

This is what I call a “download” from the Universe, or from spirit, whatever you want to call it.

For me it often happens when I’m in meditation, or when I’m writing. I guess Spirit picks the element we are most at home with.

Nonetheless, the following words came onto the page.

Stop looking for the church

Stop looking for the church!
Stop looking for an external, physical place to fulfill and experience your purpose. 
You will never find your purpose in one particular place (or a job / person / business), just as you would never find God in a church. 
God is all around you, God is within you, you are God.
Would you not practise your religion because you are lost and cannot find a church?
Would you give up on God because there are no churches in your town?
Stop wasting your time looking for a church. 
Where ever you go, there it is. 
Whatever you do, that’s what it is.
Purpose is all around you.
Purpose is within you.
You are Purpose. 

I use the word God here, I don’t know why but that’s how it came out. Again, I believe we can all have a personal relationship to the “God” of our choosing, and for me the words that resonate the most are Universe, Source and Spirit. But let’s not get caught up with the words.

The message is clear.

We can stop looking and allow the purpose to unfold around us, through us.

The purpose is not out there, it is within.

You are the Purpose.


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